Feb 25, 2013

Chapter 4 Part 3

I got a puppy! And here is Chap 4 Part 3:

“Before you say anything, I’m fine.”

“Wasn’t going to,” Jack eyes didn’t stray from his food. His motions were as mechanical and deadpan as a tractor claw. There was no way he was still hungry, yet his hand went back and forth, back and forth, from plate to gullet.

Greta changed the channel and plopped down. She’d bandaged her arm as best as she could, but the wound was still messy. She only owned a couple bandaids. Bandaids, gauze, first aid, those were the things that were always in short supply when needed most.

“What are we watching?” Jack questioned, eyeing Greta’s bandage surreptitiously.

“Another vampire show.”

“Is it any good?”

“No. And yes. Everyone is beautiful, ethnically diverse, and the music is hip…” Greta trailed off. Blood was soaking through her bandage. She probably needed stitches. Which meant a trip to the hospital and that meant explaining why her arm was cut and that meant lying. It meant filling out paperwork, and lying. It meant talking to a bunch of strangers, making eye contact with callous nobodies, and lying. It was so much easier to tell the truth, but the truth always made trouble. The truth wasn’t valued. The truth wasn’t as rational as lies. What about baking soda?

Baking soda. Or was it flour? Greta remembered reading somewhere that baking soda—or flour—helped stay bleeding. Greta looked to her kitchen. Did she even own baking soda? It was probably expired. Did that matter? None of it mattered. It was probably just an old wives tale.

“What’s it called?”

“What?” Greta looked at Jack. She had her hand over her bandage so the bleeding wasn’t visible. She could feel the wetness on her palm, like water. When she wiped it off, it wouldn’t dry like water. Sticky and red, it would stain. It wasn’t water. It was a lier.

“What is the show called?” Jack stared at her. There was no humor in eyes. Greta rubbed her bandage, avoiding his gaze. His question sounded wrong, like a visage of another. She didn’t like it. If he was trying to say something he should just say it. Instead, she was forced to have a conversation of which she didn’t entirely know the topic.

“The Vampire Chronicles. It has a love triangle.” Jack nodded. “It is insane how hot vampires are right now. And in one hundred years what will be ‘hot’ then?” Greta went quiet, contemplative.

“What?” Jack pressed.

“Well, it’s depressing. The whole world is sharing this feeling. Whether in love or hate, we all know about vampires and their effect. And in a hundred or a couple hundred years this feeling will fade. Because we’ll all be dead and no one will understand. At least, not like we did.”

“It’s not just right now, you know. Dracula, he’s been big for awhile. Immortality has been the yang to death for quite some time. The feeling was here long before us and will probably last beyond a hundred years, if that soothes you.”

“Do you think that’s why vampires are so famous? Because they can live forever? We’re all hoping to find them and their immortality.” Greta rubbed her bandage. Jack looked away, Greta had a knack for listening only to the voices in her head.

“I know you’re still bleeding,” Jack said.

Greta chewed her lip. “I still don’t think all the faux love triangles are necessary.” 


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