May 13, 2013

Chapter 7, Part 2

Jack opened her laptop, setting it up at the kitchen bar. “I have something to show you. I’m serious, Greta, no more games.”

Greta glared from across the room. “I could kick you right now.” 

“Then do it,” Jack muttered, fidgeting with her computer. “If it means we can move on.”

“It’s serious? Move on? Did a douchebag bug bite you?”

“We don’t have time for this now, Greta.”

“Right…” Greta mumbled. She reluctantly crossed the gap between them and allowed him to show her what was so important. “Get on with it.”

“According to this search engine, the last update to any site was over three days ago. And that was somewhere in the poles. Everywhere else is backlogged to at least seven.”

Greta creased her brow and then turned away. Of course. Of course this is what is so important. Some science fiction, serial killer crap to go along with her zombie week. She shook her head, walking away.

“Do you understand what I’m saying?” Jack clenched his jaw, patting the air as if to gain control of gravity. “How do I say this… Greta, there has been no influx of new information to the internet in three days. No one, in the entire world, has so much has posted an update on their Twitter much less updated their website for three days. And even that was only a slight tremor. For seven days the world has been cold.”

Greta hopped over her couch, sinking in to her cushions. “So?”

Jack laughed incredulously. “You don’t mean that. Get over it for five minutes and realize what I’m telling you. The world is quiet.”

“How do you know?”

“This is what I’ve been trying to show you…” Greta scoffed. “I’m sorry! Look, look here.” Jack carried the laptop to Greta, setting it down on the coffee table. Jack explained that his service had been “spotty at best” over the past week so he had tried calling his company but the company never answered. The few times that he could get on nothing was updated. His shows hadn’t released any new episodes and his websites didn’t have any new content. He really noticed when the 24 hours news outlets had week old information. There was only one tremor of information.

“What was that tremor of information?”

 “I don’t know. It was released late at night. I only have the stats.”

“Can you find what site?”

“Yes… It looks like it was newit.”

“Open it.”

“All the servers are down.”

“Well the caches are still available…” Greta opened the cache and they bent over her coffee table, scanning the page together. Someone had posted a picture of a town. Buildings were either burning or smoked to a crisp. There were bodies brutally mutilated and bludgeoned in the street, similar to what Greta had witnessed in her office. While others walked dazed and dead looking along the destruction. The scene looked like something from dystopia. Where was this?

Throwawayblight: This is Littlerock, AK. I can’t be alone. The blight spread quickly and without warning. We didn’t even know it existed until  it was like this. I don’t know why I’m posting. If my town looks like this, the world must be ash. I’m hoping, though, that this will get out there soon enough and change something.

The scanned the page down. More had posted pictures. Their towns looked as Throwawayblight’s did. Some were not so accepting.

Alicecooper: OP is a troll. That looks clearly photoshooped. The piexls aer all wrong. If teh world is ending the why does he still have internetz?

    Throwawayblight: It’s not photoshopped! You have to listen to me, I don’t know how this is spreading but the government is lying. It isn’t psychosomatic and it isn’t contained to Europe and Africa. It’s here! It’s likely that someone you know has it! Pooptrapper explained it best…

They scrolled to find Pooptrapper’s explanation.

 Pooptrapper: Once infected you lose all control of your mind. You become either stupidly docile, almost like an infant, or incredibly savage and violent, incomparable to anything I’ve met in nature.

    Polyamouse: Thanks for the explanation, Pooptrapper.

    Orangehead: You clearly have never met an infant, either.

    Mikewall: How do you know this?

        Pooptrapper: I was present for the UK outbreak. They were calling it psychosomatic and they paid dearly. Any reports coming out of there for the past month have been a lie. The UK outbreak happened over three months ago and spread within a week. The place is a wasteland. I imagine the rest of Eurasia is as well.

        Mikewall: Then how are you posting?

             Pooptrapper: Some are immune, and I’m one. That’s what led them to believe this was psychosomatic. At first only a few presented, and with such small numbers and the symptoms, it could be believed as a mental illness. But psychosomia, even with mental illness, is an antediluvian diagnoses. I believe a coverup was involved. It doesn’t matter now, though, they fucked themselves along with us. The symptoms manifested slower in the elite but delivered themselves with as much force. Who knows what was really going on? It’s too late. If you can, get yourself isolated. However this is spread it spreads quickly and without mercy.

            Mikewall: How do you have internet?

            Alicecooper: Troll.

            Vaginadetta: Total troll this is OP posting with a different account.

Greta shrugs, “It’s not that much information. It could be a hoax.”


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