May 21, 2013

End of Chapter 7

“Whatever it is you think you have to do, you don’t,” Greta whispered. Their moment was lost and all that remained was a plea: stay. A plea to show that the ghost of a moment means more than a phantom scream.

Jack pushed her aside and stood up, buttoning his pants. “You know I hate to be this girl, the cliche, but if you leave Jack, we’re done,” Greta said. “I’m not doing this anymore. I’m not going to perpetually be next in line to whatever duty you’ve manufactured for yourself. We haven’t even started and we’re already behind. It’s just not fair.”

Jack looked at Greta, his eyes contorted with pain and desire. He took a slugging step forward. It was as though he was pushing through an electric fence. She wanted to cut the fence down, to purge him of whatever demons raged inside of him. It was an empty want. Their eyes locked, their needs met, and she knew. It didn’t matter the force of their love, something made Jack powerless. He watched her one last time and walked out the door. 


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