Jun 3, 2013

Chapter 8, Part 2

“So how’s this going down? Are we taking the metro or renting a car or what? I’ve never rented a car before. The idea terrifies me. Oh god, my chest is restricting just thinking about it.”

“We go on foot. Don’t give me that look, Greta. Transportation is a relic of civilization. You need to prepare yourself for what lies beyond. DC is gone. The world is ruins.” Greta wetted her lips. He was right. What had she been expecting? She wasn’t just going to walk outside, grab a ticket for the metro, and hear the automated female voice say “Leaving cataclysm, approaching haven.” It was just like the movies. The world was ending.

It was weird, still being conscious while the world was further and further blacking out. Greta was witnessing the world blackout and she was one of the lucky ones to own a flashlight.

“So where are we going?” Jack didn’t say a word. His eyes, determined and emotionless, didn’t stray from Greta. “What? We don’t have a destination? Frodo at least had Mordor!”

“Real life isn’t as simple.”

Greta scoffed. “That’s definitely the first time I’ve heard anyone call Mordor simple.”

“We will walk,” Jack said, reciting as though he’d been planning for years and hadn’t just had the apocalypse sprung on him. “Carry what we can on our packs and take what we can along the way. We’ll not stay in one place longer than a week. We’ll make no friends, help no one no matter the situation, and do whatever we can to survive until the infected die off.”

“What about a cure?”

“This isn’t a fantasy novel. There is not magic flower atop a hillside.”

“That you know….” Greta teased, shaking her head with as though she knew more than Jack.

“And Greta,” Jack grabbed Greta, holding her shoulders so tight that they turned white. “If one of us becomes infected—”

“That’s irrelevant,” Greta said, disconcerted.

“If one of us becomes infected—”

“It won’t happen.”

“We leave them and don’t look back.”


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