Jun 18, 2013

Cover Reveal: Scarlette (Rue Bourbon Supernaturals, #1)

Scarlette is done! All it needs is some editing and it will be available for reading, so here's a little info on the book and the series to get you excited about its release.

Series: Rue Bourbon Supernaturals. 

The series centers around supernaturals and humans living (and loving) in NOLA, specifically Bourbon Street. Supernaturals are a fairly new subject to humans, but not that new. They've made themselves known within the past twenty or so years. Some people are more welcoming to their presence than others.

Next book: Jessica. 

 In a sneak preview... Jessica, a woman prejudiced and hateful toward supernaturals, finds herself wrapped up with the most powerful warlock in Louisiana.

Everyone in the series is connected in some way or another, I.E. Scarlette knows Jessica.

Book Description: 

Scarlette is the one. Since she was a little girl, Scarlette has always been the one. It wasn’t all that special to begin with and now it’s just a nuisance. It means Scarlette is always on the run, trying to hide from supernaturals wanting to use her in their ritual. Most importantly, it means she’s never had a real relationship or ever really fallen in love. Until Aldric.

Aldric is a Guardian. For thousands of years Aldric upheld a sacred duty and never let anything come in the way. This time would be no different, or so he thought. When he entered the quaint bistro on Bourbon Street and she started singing, his duties vanished. All Aldric felt was desire, and a need to protect her. Suddenly Aldric was going against a thousand years of duties.

Is their love enough, or will secrets and sacred duties overcome?  

Finally... Scarlette Cover:




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