Aug 28, 2013

Deadlines, Book Updates, and Sick People. Oh My!

I'm going to explain why I never meet my deadlines. Ideally, Arise would have been out by now. As would Maya. And I would be working on Sister Havoc instead of typing this. But nothing is ideal yada yada yada (but you yada yadad over the best part?)

I get sick a lot. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy and a lot of other fun stuff. Two months ago I got a surgery that knocked me on my bum with complications. So while I put the deadlines out because, ideally, I'm going to meet them, in the real world I get sick and have little time to write between sleeping and mustering the energy to eat.

It's no big thing. I'm not sorry or pitying about it (most days). Yin and Yang, come what may, and all that jazz! But if anyone actually gives a shit about when my stories come out, or why it's taking so long, I'd like you to know why. I work every day on them, and they're always in my head, but I just keep getting knocked on my bum. Like right now, my city has smog that rivals China and it's really fucking with my immune system.


ARISE: The second book in Drowning Ophelia. The whole sketch of the story is written out, I just have to go in and fill in the blanks basically. The book cover is done, I'll reveal it when I'm ready for beta readers.

MAYA: The second book in Rue Bourbon Supernaturals. This is basically done. I'm going through and editing/adding some scenes.  The cover is done as well. The third story, Jessica is on its way and I have an idea of how I'm going to end the series with the fourth book.

SISTER HAVOC: The second book in Bloody Valentine, I've started writing this and have an idea of where this is going. No outline has been written.

Also... if you're still reading... I'm working on a novel. It's taking a back seat to all of my other projects, but if by some miracle I a. am cured or b. have more time, I'll finish it. I'm pretty stoked on it. It will be released under my given name and not Eva Natsumi.


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